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Editorial PR Campaign

Type:  Earned Coverage   |   Control Level:  Low   |   Turnaround Time:  Long Term Project / Retainer

Earned Coverage / Editorial - A set of articles written by highly reputable experts, which can include contributions from journalists who specialize in the field as well as officers at companies and organizations that are knowledgeable about related subjects. We approach secondary and top tier media outlets on behalf of our clients to establish a published presence. Once a client's fundamental media profile is created, we pitch hundreds of journalists and editors detailing their best traits.

Being quoted in top media firms, such as CNN or Bloomberg, can help a company or personality reach higher levels of visibility in their business, career, or personal life. In many cases, an endorsement, interview, or published article is a symbol of success, which can improve or establish a reputation. However, these campaigns require time, sophistication, and persistent communication. We begin the process by evaluating our client's personal and business-related qualities and subsequently putting them on display for public endorsement. Once we establish the appropriate identity, we carefully craft and create a "brand." Editorial PR campaigns produce publications issued by journalists on their own volition. We do this without any financial or monetary rewards. In other words, the journalist should enjoy the topic and respect the person or company. In such situations, the main task of Exclusive PR Solutions is to organize effective content and correctly submit the information to the proper journalist who covers the industry. The media is willing to publish when the groundwork is laid, and the journalist receives the pitch relevant to his current interests. What is time consuming for our team is content adaptation and moving past barriers to outreach but, once established, such content is the most influential for the reputation of a company or person because it provides third party opinion, validation and approval!

Advertorial PR Campaign

Type:  Paid Coverage   |   Control Level:  High   |   Turnaround Time:  Immediate or Schedulable Results

Advertorial PR Campaigns are considered to be one of the best ways to reach the masses in a short time. Advertorial publications, interviews, and videos — including live videos — are usually purchased within our client's budget. Exclusive PR Solutions is accredited by CNBC, Washington Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and many other media companies. Through these connections, we create custom content unlimited by any medium. Short publications, websites, print, digital journals, audio, e-zines, video production in Full HD, 3D, 5K, and virtual reality are all fair game. Exclusive PR Solutions employs prominent writers who have more than 130 years of combined experience. The New York Times, WSJ, International Policy Digest, Columbia University, NYU (and many other prominent organizations) are among the top tier media companies that our writers have either attended or written for. Produced content may be copywritten or utilized for print and digital sources. Exclusive PR Solutions may employ CNBC and Time Magazine video production teams for advertorial campaigns upon request. But for the most demanding clients, Hollywood actors and producers are available.

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