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62% of People Will Stop Considering Your Business If They Can’t Find Information About It Online

Yikes! You got that right. According to the 2018 Telstra Small Business Intelligence report, 62% of customers will stop considering business if they are not easily approached. In a nutshell, the business will start losing their potential customers, if last wouldn't be able to find information about companies online.

Digital presence is important, and one can hardly overestimate it. This means showing up on social media, showing up in top search results, having proof of existence with a Google My Business local listings, presenting an informative website and being mentioned in respectable business news sites are the main engines that drive a company to increased revenues.

That's why you should start prioritizing content marketing as one of your major KPIs this year.

Allowing your customers to develop affinity and trust in your brand through proper communication in relevant platforms is a priority for brands now. Let's discover why.

Customers’ desires to be more informed runs the world. Businesses that take the time to invest in their online presence, along with meaningful content marketing will find their sales and conversion campaigns more effective. That’s because customers won’t fight the sale when they understand what they need. – It is rather apparent, that customers lack trust now more than ever before. Having a wide range of choices, many customers consider that businesses will hold back value as a way to “snag” them into a sale. But why don't you give them value upfront? Build a content marketing strategy that delivers value to customers for free and see how this reflects on your actual brand attraction and revenues.

It’s funny how most brands will resort to spending thousands of dollars on ads when content marketing will convert more than any pop up on their timeline at almost zero cost.

Do you know how you skip those pesky video ads in between your Facebook binge-watching? Yep, so if you’re neglecting content marketing for more ads, you need to backtrack your digital marketing strategy.

What are you doing to ensure your business shows up online? If you find it tricky and need help with moving forward, reach out and ask us how here.


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