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Brand Management is a PR business

"If a tree falls in a forest, but nobody is there to hear it, did it make a sound?" If it has an excellent Public Relations team behind it, then the answer would be a loud "YES."

The logic behind the importance of PR in your business is simple. You can have the best and brightest business idea in the world, but if no one knows about it, it doesn't serve its purpose. If you haven't consulted a professional PR team yet, then your brand is prone to be static in a competitive field. PR is the key to build, manage, and sustain brands. How?

1. Build

Why build a brand? People are more inclined to businesses that they know they can trust. Your brand presents you as an expert in the industry; hence, it opens more business opportunities for you in the future. The difference between a business with PR's support on brand building and marketing without it is that you don't need to keep promoting that makes you look like you're forcing people to buy your product or avail for your service. The brand will speak for you, and you can get that power from PR.

No other discipline knows how to build a brand better than Public Relations. Its coveted abilities to create compelling content and capture a business' niche in a sea of people online brings the brand significantly to not one, but two steps ahead of its competitor. The whole essence of effective PR relies on strategy. It is a customer-centric approach with a combination of content marketing, social media marketing, SEO marketing, and strategic branding and communication. A golden PR team applies established and proven tactics, while continuously calibrating its approach to synchronize with the clientele's needs. See, Public Relations is now more than just providing the traditional media coverages and developing PR launches. In today's digital era, the battleground becomes more complex as the online world is continuously evolving and changing. A business needs professionals that can navigate through the different social media platforms with its elaborate data and crazy algorithms.

2. Manage

Warren Buffet once said that a reputation takes "20 years to build, 5 minutes to ruin". In 2020 where social media giants like Twitter release 500 million tweets from its users per day, it is likely that it only takes 5 seconds. A story blazes like wildfire, and PR professionals are very much aware and can manipulate that power. With high strength, however, comes with great responsibility. More than just creating a spark and spreading a fiery reputation, it also simultaneously contains the fires of the brand from being simmered down by a single negative swarm of social media bees. The buzz is good until it is not, and PR serves as the guardian, protecting the name and managing its reputation.

3. Sustain

A brand being built and managed is already a lot of work. A smart Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) know that it needs a professional PR team to handle it. Beyond that, what small companies critically need is sustained presence, both online and offline.

It is easy to be forgotten by people who once loved your products/services. With Instagram serving as a free and useful visual platform with the growing amount of users daily, practically anyone can open up a business similar to yours and colonize the space you've worked hard to create in a customer's head. 'Earned space' is still one of the critical metrics of PR. By connecting the business to top media affiliations, listening proactively to the demands of the niche, and releasing timely and valuable content on the right platforms at the right time, PR undoubtedly can get a zero to a hero.

Public Relations has evolved into a force to be reckoned with. It can no longer be ignored, and getting the right PR team to help you is no longer an option but a necessity.

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