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Content Marketing: Key to Social Media Success

“Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.” said by Jay Baer on the correlation of content marketing to a good social media strategy.

In fact, interesting content is one of the key reasons why people follow brands on social media. Those complex algorithms of Google, Facebook, and Instagram that decide which posts to highlight definitely favor high-quality and shareable content over hard-sell approaches. A successful online presence is crucial as “90% of investors use digital platforms and channels to investigate companies and the issues surrounding them.” Mastering content marketing is the key to online success. Once a brand learns how to effectively create “fire”, social media will be the gasoline to spread your reach exponentially. But, how does a brand determine social media success?

According to Forbes (2017), a successful social media strategy is measured by the following metrics: 1) high engagement, 2) meaningful conversions, and 3) growth velocity. How will content marketing allow you to achieve these metrics?

High Engagement

A massive following is just an icing on the cake – nice to have, but useless without follower engagement. Remember that social media is first and foremost the means for people to talk and share about your products/services. Engagement is measured by likes, comments, and shares that help build connection and loyalty among your consumers. Content Marketing allows you to penetrate that large but passive followers by reaching out to your consumers with a more personalized approach. The road to content that will trigger high engagement starts with having a deeper understanding of your target audience, and keeping up with relevant and trending topics. Brands should research about their followers demographics, online behaviors to pattern their content accordingly.

TIP: Want to increase engagement across all platforms? Create a series of cohesive content that will give your followers something to look forward to! For example, if your followers want to know more about that video ad teaser you uploaded on Instagram, they will need to go to your website and read the blog article. Another tip is to create a story line for the week, and divide it on your daily posts, that will give your followers something anticipate everyday.

Meaningful Conversion

They are no longer just a lead, they are a customer! When your material is engaging, not only does it catch your consumer’s attention, but it can also lead to actionable decisions. According to Demand Metric, people are more likely to take action on a product if the content is valuable and well-delivered. Whether it be skillfully created videos, well-written publications, or eye-catching posters, content marketing is important to keep the reader’s attention, improve brand loyalty, generate leads, and increase direct sales. A good content strategy builds a consumer journey map that guide them subconsciously to take an interest in your products or services.

Growth Velocity

Growth in social media platforms is the ultimate evidence to show that your social media strategy is working. Whether it be by the percentage of leads, engagement, conversion, or visits, Content Marketing is the tool to get you more traffic to your platforms. Content Marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads. No wonder why those that focus on developing a good content marketing strategy are more successful online.


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