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How to get a "verified" badge on Instagram? What are the requirements to apply for a verified badge?

how to get verified on instagram?
Blue Verified Badge on Instagram

What are the requirements to apply for a verified badge?

Instagram is one of the most popular services in the world, whose audience is about 1 billion people and continues to grow rapidly every day. This unique resource has become the ideal means of advertising any product or activity. Proper use of the possibilities of Instagram is able to interest the audience you need, subscribers in Instagram are a powerful tool for turning potential customers into real ones. Instagram subscribers play the most important role in determining profile popularity.

Today, as in other social networks in Instagram there is a user verification system. The blue tick on Instagram is a user page attribute indicating the authenticity of the account. As with any other social network, Instagram has a lot of fake pages of famous personalities and brands. Moreover, if several years ago it was possible to immediately recognize a fake, then today they have improved so much that it is difficult to distinguish them from the real page. So that subscribers have no doubt that the page really belongs to you - you need to verify it on Instagram.

Cases where one person has a desire to fully try on someone else's role are not uncommon for social networks. In the course is a complete copy of someone else's account, up to the name and personal photos. And since no social network, and Instagram, in particular, doesn’t ask the user for an identity document when registering, it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish where the original page is and where the fake one is. In order to somehow separate the wheat from the chaff, the Instagram administration has introduced a verification system, of which the blue tick is an important part.

Verification of Instagram profile is hardly important for ordinary users who have a couple of dozens of subscribers. However, if the page is owned by a developing brand or a public person, who is always under the scrutiny of the public, a confirming blue tick in Instagram is simply necessary. Verification Instagram helps to avoid many problems, because fakes from impunity in no way limit themselves and often publish compromising or incorrect information to the root. Young brands are no less vulnerable, since their reputation has not yet been fully formed, and the appearance of similar pages with approximately the same number of followers can confuse newcomers. If you are any famous and you have a lot of subscribers, then you should think about how to get a tick in Instagram.

How is the verification of Instagram and who gives the blue tick?

Verification practice started on Instagram relatively recently - in 2014. Authentication of identity is carried out by the administration of the social network manually - this is, in fact, the whole snag, since the main role here is played by personal preferences of network employees. The account verification process has always been shrouded in a halo of obscurity - no one has ever known how the verification takes place and what to do. There is even a special black market where account verification is offered for thousands of dollars, of course it’s illegal.

At first, all known individuals, companies, brands, etc. They received a request from the administration to confirm their identity. To do this, it was necessary to send an electronic copy of the documents confirming that it really is you. But after a few years and to this day, verification on Instagram began to move very slowly. It is obvious that the distribution of confirming blue tick is still carried out manually and it happens very selectively. After verification on Instagram has been successfully completed, a cherished blue badge with a tick is displayed next to the username.

Now, a lot has changed and now verification on Instagram can be passed by anyone. To do this, go to Settings, then select the option "Request verification". Submit relevant identity documents. Or, if it is a brand, attach photos of registration documents, tax returns, etc.

After sending the request, Instagram will review it, then you will receive a notification that your request is approved or rejected. After the rejection, you can submit a second application after 30 days.

However, before submitting a verification request, you need to make sure that your account meets the requirements of the Instagram posted on the official website. When checking accounts, they take into account a number of factors to determine if the account is in the public interest and their criteria for confirmation.

Your account should be:

Authentic, that is, to represent a real person, a registered company or organization, not real accounts are not subject to verification

Unique, that is, the only account that represents a person or company. Instagram confirm the account only if it is one of a kind. The only exceptions are accounts in different languages. They do not confirm general interest accounts for example cat and dogs.

Complete, that is, public account with a biography, profile photo. Profile should not contain links leading to other social networks.

Notable, that is, to represent a well-known person, brand or organization that people are often looking for. Instagram check accounts that are mentioned in several news sources and do not consider paid or promotional content as a source.

If you specify fictitious or incorrect data, your account may be blocked, be careful!

According to insider information, Instagram also views and examines the activity of users in the media, monitors the degree of brand or person awareness, they very carefully monitor the media in which resources people publish information about this, which directly affects the verification. For example, several, at least 10, publications in media about your brand or about you will be able to make a huge impact on your Instagram verification. We believe that a start-up company or entrepreneur, first of all, needs to create media coverage around himself and his brand, which in turn will help to attract more subscribers to Instagram and greatly facilitate the verification process.

Good luck getting your account verified .


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