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How to track KPIs to measure marketing results

Every niche KPI (key performance indicator) is unique because everyone measures different results. Below, I’ll list some of the most important indicators that I’ve been using with my clients. Data is the first thing I look at when allocating a budget or creating a new campaign.

It’s very important to set KPIs according to the SMART framework, a system often used in management consulting. KPIs should be:

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Achievable

  • Relevant

  • Time-Bound

For example, I want more people to visit our website and become customers (relevant), so this month (time-bound), I want to boost our organic search traffic (specific) from 70,000 visitors per month to 80,000 visitors per month (measurable), which I’ll do primarily through link-building and improved keyword ranking (achievable).

It’s important to do some research and have a plan behind the numbers in order to get results. That's why I always prepare a mind-map for any project in order to see how many target audiences I have or how many approaches we need to test.

In order to track KPIs, I use a google sheet, Excel or create a dashboard in Google Analytics. All of these instruments help to visually show the increase or decrease in specific data or set of numbers, which is very important for advertising strategy.

Mostly, I’ve been working with experts who have their accounts on Instagram or have their own websites, so I’ve been tracking Reach, Impressions, and number of followers. I always track cost per click and cost per lead in my facebook ads manager’s dashboard, but I always warn my clients that even a high number of clicks doesn’t mean much by itself. It's very important to have a strategy in order to make an advertisement campaign successful.

It’s quite easy to increase monthly new leads only by increasing the budget of cost-per-click ad campaigns, but this is not enough. A client should have a proactive sales-team in order to turn potential clients into actual buyers or be ready to handle all this stuff by him/herself.

Data is the fundamental proof that marketers should be using to create campaigns and inform marketing decisions.

In order to track key indicators, it’s important to install Google Analytics or other metrics on your website and install Facebook Pixel. If the client doesn’t have a website or any platform where we can track the traffic, then I offer to create a very easy landing page or use taplink because otherwise, we won’t be able to see the results of ad campaigns and catch the retarget audience.

Thank you,

Marketing Intern


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