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It only hurts the first time

#COVID19 proved that all the business must go online. Digital presence is vital. And if it is the 1st time you register at IG, it is critical to do it right. If you have your profile set up already, use this checklist to make sure all is on fire! 🔥

👉 Profile picture 👈

Remember, it is always in sight: In profile, search results, stories, etc. This the unique chance to stand out.

Simple NOT-to-dos

❌ Avoid blurred and low-quality pics

❌ Avoid pics with a lot of text on it

❌ Avoid somebody’s/stock photos

Simple to-dos

✅ Use your company’s logo in close-up

✅ Use your 2-3 words motto written in pic format

✅ Use your portrait photo of the highest quality

✅ Follow IG photo requirements

✅ Keep the colors of the photo aligned with the rest of the account’s color pattern.

👉 User name 👈

The space for your creativity. The better name - the easier it is to find you.


❌ Avoid adding digits, slashes, full stops if these are not the part of the corporate name

❌ Avoid abbreviations if they are unclear

❌ Avoid changing the username. Every time you do it, you lose your audience


✅ Make an easy and memorizable name

✅ Make it unique

✅ Keep it short

✅ Keep it recognizable

👉 Name 👈

This tap consists of 30 symbols. The name takes part in the search process by keywords. In other words, it is a search request which allows the targeted audience to discover your profile. I.e., a Clothing shop in Chicago, Surfboards California, Furniture Shop in LA, Real Estate in New York, a Shoe shop in Texas, Teacher San Francisco

👉 Profile description 👈

150 symbols. It makes it easier to tell more about what you do and what are the advantages of your product, about your current offer: promos and discounts, how to contact you and your track of records. i.e., free delivery, 1-week free trial, free analysis, guarantee, working hours, 15,873 burgers sold, 10 years of experience in the market, we work 24/7, etc.

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