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Lock, stock and SIX smoking barrels. Instagram version

6 TRIGGERS to sell on Instagram today.

🤜 Detailing

Show people in detail how you create your product. Which materials you use, by what principle, what you include, what you don't include, and why.

Peel up the product and tell about it in stories, in posts, on stream.

🤜 Use people's desire to collect

Create a collection of products. Do like Apple does. When you accidentally buy an iPhone, you automatically want to buy a MacBook, headphones, an iPad and get a complete collection. Do like Apple; people are passionate to collect 😊

🤜 Be sincere

Be sincere with your customers and subscribers. Admit your mistakes honestly, tell the truth, show how it is, tell about pitfalls, wrong decisions, and false starts. Genuine sincerity and openness captivate anyone.

🤜 Give the ownership

Let the person try your product. Offer a free lesson, free demo, give free access to software, give Customer a chance to own it temporarily.

Take IQOS as an example. They allow you to use the device entirely free for a week, and then, if you liked it, you can buy it, or return it if it doesn't fit your expectations.

🤜 Offer warranty

If you can provide at least some guarantee - offer it. Not necessarily, it has to be a refund. Look for options.

Free product exchange within some time, free returns, free size change, etc.

🤜 Build the authority

We feel secure to buy from a person who is the expert and whose opinion matters for us. He has the experience, education, skills, charisma, and so we trust him. Strengthen your credibility with cases and talk about your experiences in posts and stories.


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