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Oh, baby. Why can’t you just link(ed) it in?

We bet you got it wrong! 😉 LinkedIn is underestimated and it makes us feel sad, to be honest. We can assume that you might have your own profile since you have been looking for a job, but the potential of LinkedIn for your business might be out of your focus. And it’s wrong! Let’s check out why.

As of January 2020, there are 663.3 million users with a 12% share of 18+ aged users who can be reached with sales, and the USA is considered as a country with #1 potential. Feel how much you are missing? If not yet, have a look here:

👉 75% of all registered LinkedIn users have incomes over $50,000

👉 44 % have incomes over $75,000. Impressive, huh? 👏

👉 Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn, and 76% of them check their LinkedIn accounts daily.

👉 41% of B2B Marketers name LinkedIn as the primary platform for their business. They are hardly wrong.

Let’s go even further.

👉 64% of all website visits from SM platforms belong to LI.

👉 13% of LI users do NOT have an FB account, and 60% of them AVOID Twitter.

We think it is crazy not to take advantage of it! 💯

To start with, let’s nail the essentials: 🔨

👉 Register and optimize your business profile.

👉 Add your user name, profile photo, and cover banner. Check our previous posts to get it right.

👉 Fill out business-related info to make it clear what your company is doing. Users who fill their profile completely are forty times more likely to receive incoming inquiries.

👉 When filling out all of your information, make sure to keep it SEO friendly. Think of popular buzzwords and do proper keyword research to optimize your page to the best of your ability. Do you run a clothing store? If so, keywords like “clothing shop,” “clothes online,” and “designer dress”, etc. are essential to consider.

🔥 Hack: Hiding the “People Also Viewed section of your profile keeps the focus on you!

Take the most social aspect of LinkedIn. It’s designed to engage prospects through content sharing, commenting and liking. LinkedIn is not Facebook, so the general rule is to avoid posting personal or politically controversial topics (no matter how enticing) that might put off your customers. 🔥 Hack: If you DON’T want to get lots of engagement on your LinkedIn posts, DON’T write content that appeals only to a tiny group of experts. Post content that your grandma can easily comment on, without being an expert in a field.

Next steps for LI development in future posts! Follow us not to miss those.

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