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Social Media Management Plan that Creates Results

What do you think shall happen if you decide to build a house without having a construction plan or not following the instructions?

It will start… Though, no. You can build it, but how long will it stand? It is all about the same in business and social media management. Happily, many business owners today realize the necessity of digital presence and do have a social media page but really few have solid plan for it. Most of the time managers just winging it or fill up with chaotic and random content, hoping that it will somehow work out and business will start growing. Evidently, it doesn’t work so. Social networks are smart with their algorithms and customers are very demanding about not only about the product itself but about the content in social media channels that tries to sell them the products as far. It becomes obvious that plan for social media management is a new must.

Having a defined social media management plan will help you be more efficient with your time and efforts and generate significantly better results (more traffic, leads, sales, reviews, brand recognition). And there is a good news: while you do need to have a plan in order to maximize efficiency with your social media efforts, it doesn't need to be overly intricate. In fact, the simpler and more concise the plan, the better.

To create an effective social media plan, you need to consider following questions:

What will social media do for your business goals?

Before you begin developing a social media management plan, you need to know what do you ultimately want to accomplish with social media and it should be married to your business goals and plan.

Who is your target audience and where can you find them?

The vital section of your plan should focus on understanding who your ideal clients are, how old are they, where do they live and what do they love. For example, if you're a high-performance business coach who focuses on executives and business leaders, spending hours on Facebook might be a complete waste of your time and energy. LinkedIn, on the other hand, can be a fantastic place to locate and build relationships with executives and business leaders.

How do you measure your success in Social Media?

First of all, you need to list the goals you want to achieve for each platform. Each of them has their installed analytics, which is easy to work with and conclude the data. If you're aiming to build your authority on your subject matter on LinkedIn, for example, you might look at metrics such as the number of likes, shares and comments your content is receiving, and the number of new connection requests you receive after posting thought leadership content.

What social platforms should you utilize?

If you use social media for business, you need to leverage content marketing - whether you are sharing content you created, content you curated (found), or a mix of both. If you're just starting, or don’t feel confident creating your own content, content curation is the way to go. Have a CTA (call to action) - Sharing curated content without a CTA is a missed opportunity to get your audience to take a particular action.

How active should you be in your social media efforts?

What is important is that whatever frequency or amount of time you choose to devote to your social media plan, you need to do it consistently. Consistency produces results.

If you want your business to thrive, you need to have a social presence on the platforms your ideal clients use. Having a social media management plan in place, even a simple one, will help you maximize your results with social media, while minimizing the time and resources it takes to accomplish them.

Need help with creating a plan? Reach out, we are here to help.


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