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Step By Step Brand Strategy

Hi, guys. My name is Natalie. I'm a former journalist who had worked as a news reporter for eight years. Now, I'm a PR analyst at Exclusive PR Solutions, and it's my first week in the company.

I want to tell you about one case that inspired me as a new employee: one personal branding strategy that illustrates how the EPRS team changes clients' lives.

The story of Mr Smith (let me call him by this name) may impress you. This man, who had nothing, became a successful entrepreneur and launched his own big business. He was raised in an ordinary family but now has everything he wants, including expensive cars, fashionable clothes, and frequent trips. This man also keeps helping other people.

That's a modern example of the American dream, the power of action, and the desire to change one's life. This man could rise to national prominence, but he is still not visible. Why not? How could he achieve broader awareness and recognition? First, everyone needs to know that it's not a question of charisma or life experience. It's more about a well-structured strategy and a clear plan of action.

The EPRS team has started to create Mr Smith's personal branding strategy to open the door to his audience for him. We want to help Mr Smith become a visible expert who can capture the media's attention and attract the best clients.

Step one is collecting information. Just imagine, five hours of interviews and 40 pages of notes later, we now know everything about the client and his business. This information will help tell a great story and attract the media.

Step two is digital testing. We analysed all the client's social media pages. The results were not so good; his business has reached the ceiling, but his social media pages are silent and gray. Everything needs to be changed. He needs a new viewpoint, a breath of fresh air, and a new voice.

What should be done at the beginning? In just three days, our team created Mr Smith's website from scratch. Honestly speaking, it's a new website that is well-thought-out and detailed, and damn, it is really beautiful.

We are just getting started. We still have a long and exciting way to go in making Mr Smith a new global star.

How can we do that? I will tell you. Just keep in touch.


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