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Triple Penetration

So you have set your accounts, named them and cleaned up. The next step is to fill it up with the content. And it is one of the biggest pitfalls and headaches you will get. But here we are to help you out to make it easy. There are three types of content: informational, entertaining and sales with the ratio: 50/20/30. 🍌 Informational

50% of your content: Any sales start from trust. This is where informational content comes in the action. The main criteria: it has to be useful and provide expertise. Followers discover that you are pro, so they can trust what you say, like, do, advise and eventually sell. Followers are getting used to your posts in the feed, they see permanence and so the brand loyalty grows, showing your service or product from the non-evident aspects. Examples: 👉Reputational content, that tells your success story 👉Industry news and trends 👉Review of the goods and services 👉Posts showing the goods’ and services’ characteristics 👉Your company’s backstage 🍌Entertaining content - 20% It allows you to keep your audience excited. You engage with your customers, growing their loyalty. Here can be provocative posts, polls, quests, giveaways, marathons or atmospheric posts. Examples: 👉Share your personal life hack, a favourite book 👉Selfie with your product can show a new idea of how to use your product 👉Tell about packing, make an accent on being eco-friendly 👉Make posts about your partners, cross-publishing is always a good idea 👉And cats, of course, they are always in trends 🐱 🍌Sales This guy helps us to bring in new clients/leads and make sales. His part is proud 30%. Here we consider exact sales offers, promotions, discounts, sales campaigns, posts that confirm that your product is popular, useful and demanding, clients’ feedbacks, their stories with your product/service.


👉Make the emotional and unexpected materials 👉Make the boring fascinating 👉Play with associations: “sweet” prices can be followed with the photos of tasty pastry 👉Make sure materials are unique, in the best quality, bright and outstanding.

We know that you might find content production challenges, but we are here to go through it with you! ❤️ Follow up for more hacks and reach out if you have questions or want us to prepare the content for you. Reach out at!


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