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Turning Start-Ups into Companies

As a startup, building an audience is a crucial, essential necessity, and exactly Public Relations can turn you from average company to a company that is on-demand.

Entrepreneurs, however, must take caution! A PR firm is only useful if it gets the right people to pay attention to you at the right moment. Hence, not all PR firms are created equal. Some, like Exclusive PR Solutions, are natural industry leaders.

Founded in 2014, Exclusive PR Solutions is the leading Public Relations and Digital Marketing firm based on New York City. As an official member of the 2019 Forbes Agency Council, the company has once again marked its strong presence in the industry. It provides clients a unique opportunity to open doors for beneficial connections.

With a unique algorithm, Exclusive PR Solutions identifies how to bring your story to new audiences. Its innovative approach to branding, content strategy, social media management, and SEO enables it to connect its clients to top media affiliations and the best international outlets, such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, CNN, and many others. Exclusive PR Solutions take the information you provide and conduct rigorous research on any new client in advance while co-analyzing the data of previous performances from other clients. It continuously grows and develops its craft to perfect the fundamental formula that will bring their businesses to newer, fresher, and better heights. EPRS turns startups into companies by providing strategic marketing approaches that are tailor-fitted to their companies. The people behind the company are passionate experts on the field, determined to bring out outstanding, professional results with global standards. The company provides marketing and content that are results-oriented and scalable to ensure continuous growth. Every client is treated as more than just a business transaction, but a long-term and valuable partnership. Its services widely range from Editorial PR campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Advertorial PR campaigns, Political campaigns, strategic branding and communication, reputation management, press conferences, and special events to web development, creative advertisement, video production, and design.

More than traditional advertising agencies, Exclusive PR Solutions solves clients’ challenges and builds awareness through exceptional customer-centric content on both traditional and modern digital age platforms. It can reach out to the right audiences through intensive target market profiling and an intuitive outlook on data. Exclusive PR Solutions applies established and proven tactics, while simultaneously calibrating and fine-tuning its approach to fit every individual client. Startup companies are assured of business growth, and sales increase through the PR firm’s commitment to increase its customers’ reputation and brand awareness.

“We offer more than first-class PR. We provide Exclusive PR Solutions.” With rapid response to the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, Exclusive PR Solutions not only builds awareness for your brand but also maintain its relevance. Media placements are hand-selected to match the clients’ needs. For a startup to be equally capable and competitive among established company giants, it needs the right PR team that can work well to achieve its objectives. With Exclusive PR Solutions, we turn startups into companies.

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