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Why reputation offline is no longer important - "The Online World is More real than Offline"

When moving from the era of large data to the era of "big analytics", the amount of information that you leave about yourself - your "digital footprint" - exponentially grows every time you go online. It's only a matter of time before each of us will have a reputation rating, just as we now have a credit rating. Online reputation becomes more valuable than money or power.

We are moving towards a socio-structured world: a new economy where your web influence and social connections will be as important or even more than the money in your bank account. With the extensive use of social networks, the 24-hour news cycle and the all-pervasive smartphone technology, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage what people know about companies and their leaders, and, more importantly, what they think of them.

84% of people will believe the reviews about your company, which they will find on the Internet, and regard the reviews as a personal recommendation. Here is another interesting statistic. Only a lazy person now does not look on the Internet what they write about the seller. And 54% after reading positive comments check the seller's website to finally make sure of the right choice. What people think about your business after reading the reviews and visiting the site is called online reputation.

Feedback value

People believe reviews more than advertising headlines and selling articles. Reviews directly regulate the earnings of the seller. Therefore, the management of the organization's reputation is gradually becoming one of the tools aimed at increasing customer loyalty to the company. The methods used are distributed both to companies and their services, and to people who make a name for themselves. Feedback determines whether your sales will be successful. Scary, if you think about it. That's why brands need positive feedback from popular bloggers and authors. But the bad feedback of a popular blogger can even kill a business, as happened with the brand Kanoa, which died after a video call from Cody Crouch. So, if there are a lot of bad comments on the web, there are no opinions at all or there is no clear positioning - it's time to contact the reputation management agency.

Quality of the web-page

The quality of the company's website is very important for online reputation. Even after reading extremely positive reviews about the company, people are still looking for a site to make a final conclusion. In half the cases, the appearance of the site, respectability and convenience will close the deal or dissuade the buyer. A good quality website is more convincing for the buyer; directly testifies that the company stands firmly on its feet. If new articles appear on the site, news updates, it means that the company lives and still works. Well-designed portfolio convinces of solvency. The competence blog reveals the expertise. The site is the last barrier to selling. He must be impeccable and trustworthy.

Manage your online reputation

Online reputation of the company directly determines sales on the Internet. The vast majority of buyers will be interested in reviews about your company before buying. And if the reviews do not like it, it will almost certainly frustrate the purchase. If there is a lot of information on the Internet that your company is dishonest with partners, you are threatened with ruin.

The corporate website is the latest psychological barrier after reviewing the reviews. Even the most radiant reviews about the company do not save you from "checking" the site. And if the site does not like the customers, no feedback will help. Just 10 years ago, a new company that entered the market took 2-3 years to work out the client base and create a positive image among the audience. Today, information is spread instantly, sometimes just a few mentions on the Web - and the reputation of the company is already established. Now, when you can go online you can even from your watch, it is important how the company or brand are represented on the network. What do clients think of you? How do clients respond? Why did this opinion come about? We should not forget about the management of reputation in the Network - the image of the brand or person must be impeccable.


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