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Why Every Brand Should Jump Ship to Content Marketing

Don’t trust anyone who says content marketing is the future of the business, they lie. Because it is business’ present and it is happening today. Moreover, we are sure that even you are not aware of what it is, you are already using it. Let’s address statistics: today, for example, over 3 million blog posts will be written, about 41 million photos will be uploaded to Instagram, and 132 billion emails will been sent. And not because it is Monday, but because internet marketing is happening everywhere and all the time.

So, what is content marketing?

This is an integral part of global internet marketing concept, a marketing technology of creation and distribution of involving and demanded content for attracting the target audience. The main task of it is to encourage the customer to follow the call to action. Content marketing is all bout getting the write information, in right time and place by your potential customer.

Content marketing is called to build trust with the Client and to soften the resilience of the Customer. The demanded information is considered to be description of advantages Client shall get from service or product company offers. Content rules the internet marketing and the web itself, as Customers are in constant search of information and services that will tackle their problems and satisfy their needs. Why not be in stream and in trend?

We've experienced the power of content marketing first hand. Benefits include increased brand awareness, elevated consumer sentiment, increased levels of trust, more traffic, and more conversions. ⠀

So how can brands execute their content marketing well? Here are just a few tricks of the trade we have learned to work well. ⠀

Start by producing the content people are interested in. ⠀

Think like your audience — what are their challenges, what problems are they trying to solve that you and your products/services can help with, what goals are they trying to achieve, and what things do they love? ⠀

Be creative: indulge a unique perspective. While a list article is a popular (and high performing) content type, it's important to have a unique perspective because the same info rehashed is dull and pedestrian. ⠀

Try thought leadership. It's not always about the sell. Sometimes you need to position yourself (or your brand) as a thought leader and build and audience that will result in conversions. ⠀

Ask yourself two questions: is this genuinely helpful content? And, is this enjoyable to consume? If its not, revise it and cut off the extra. ⠀

Want more tips? Reach out - we would love your questions!


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