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Scope of work: Public Relations.
Industry: FinTech



Scope of work: Retail, E-Commerce, B2B, Presentation Design 

Industry: Media & Entertainment


Scope of work: Exclusive PR Solution's Original Logo Design

Industry: Media & Entertainment

Logo Animation

Cognovi Labs

Scope of work: Public Relations, Web Design, Animation, and Graphics 

Industry: Data / AI

ByondXR / Lancôme

Scope of work: Public Relations.

Industry: E-Commerce / Fashion / Consumer Retail



Scope of work: Public Relations, B2B and B2C Digital Marketing, Marketing Attribution, Google Adwords, Web Design, and Web Development

Industry: Restaurants & Food Services


Scope of work: Public Relations, Lead Generation, Web Design, Presentation Design, Animation, and Graphics 

Industry: Restaurants & Food Services / Data

Citiscape App

Scope of work: Public Relations, B2B and B2C Digital Marketing, SMM, Google Adwords, Presentations Design, Animation and Graphics 

Industry: Real Estate

Sticky Fingers

Scope of work: Retail, E-Commerce, B2B, Presentation Design 

Industry: Restaurants & Food Services

Noble Me

Scope of work: Public Relations, B2B and B2C, Digital Marketing, SMM, Google Adwords, Web Design, Animation, and Graphics 

Industry: Education


Scope of work: Public Relations, Web Design, Presentation Design, Vehicles Wrapping Design, Animation, and Graphics

Industry: Enegry

Book of Medicine

Scope of work: Public Relations, B2B and B2C, Digital Marketing, SMM, Google Adwords, Web Design, Animation, and Graphics 

Industry: Education-Medicine


Proven Experience

Founded in 2014, Exclusive PR Solutions (EPRS) is a leading full-service public and media relations, crisis management, as well as creative digital marketing firm. We aim to provide clients with exclusive, tailored result-oriented campaigns and scalable marketing solutions
and funnels that will enable the achievement of their ambitious goals. Whereas most industry leaders prioritize developing new business opportunities, as a boutique agency, EPRS focuses on creating and maintaining solid, long-lasting relationships with our clientele.

International Policy Digest, Bloomberg, Entrerpreneur.com, and Forbes.com have all featured EPRS because of our remarkable ability to craft an indelible imprint with prominent audiences and position our clients boldly around the world.

By striving for excellence and employing innovative approaches, we have earned a stellar reputation among influencers. This pristine reputation enables collaboration on various large-scale projects worldwide.

Our specialty is optimizing cutting-edge branding through digital technologies, social media and traditional thought leadership promotion for corporate and government clients. We have expertise in everything from government relations, media relations, and reputation management to social media engagement and website design innovation services. To date, we have cultivated a valuable network of journalists and editorial relationships that we leverage to place news about our clients in various publications of well-established media outlets.

Mitigating sophisticated strategies using multi-media services allows us to achieve outstanding results while maintaining superb quality. Our team is comprised of passionate experts who are knowledgeable across a vast spectrum with whom we consult for assistance in launching grounded, cohesive, and rapid response-oriented media relations strategies.


Advanced Strategic Media Engagement Company

EPRS offers unique Marketing, PR, Media Relations and Crysis Management solutions for growing and established businesses. Our expertise in Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, and Media Relations space can help your organization reach new horizons in record time.

Reputation is one of the critical factors of growth and success in any business, especially for the leading companies. However, even Start-Ups refer to media sources as an essential tool of marketing and Search Engine Optimisation. Our proven track record includes leading companies in finance, engineering, education, governance, and other sectors.

Whereas most public relations firms prioritize new business over the existing clients, we define quality by the equal and professional attitude towards each individual client. 

Our great relations with Top Level News Channels and allow us to publish feature stories in record time having a much broader readership and thus carry far more credibility than just stand-alone traditional advertisements. EPRS develops new angles on stories to promote the idea of the clientele, placing these stories on known conventional and online media outlets worldwide. Our media relations practice enforces brand identity and credibility through local, regional, national, and international media coverage.

Our experts manage global political campaigns, corporate and personal reputation crysies, provide PR for private and public firms, corporate and media relations, creative design and content management.

Web Development

Our team has combined the best skills of designers and developers to create excellent products. As designers, we pay significant attention to the visual part of the code. In the system, we embody the final design of the product while taking into account every detail. The quality of our design is one of the most competitive in the market.  


Code helps to elaborate on the micro-interaction of design elements that the graphic editor cannot provide. We similarly input a lot of efforts on the quality of animation in the design, which revives the whole picture. Well illustrated animation helps to improve the user experience in general. Consequently, the code helps to create more accurate animations and components.


Our company tries to embed the whole design methodology in the code core, as this approach allows customizing the product conveniently. The component structure is kept inside of the code; it allows us to use the produced solutions in different parts of the site. Our team tightly works on the development and improvement of mobile applications, front end, and back end.

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Thallium Group

Scope of work: Public Relations, B2B and B2C, Digital Marketing, SMM, Google Adwords, Web Design, Animation, and Graphics 

Industry: Media & Advertisement

Asset Flex Management

Scope of work: Public Relations, Web Design, Web and App Development

Industry: FinTech

DataViz Intel

Scope of work: Public Relations, B2B and B2C Digital Marketing, SMM, Google Adwords, Web Design, Animation, and Graphics 

Industry: Data Visualization

Eva Lanska

Scope of work: Public Relations and Social Media Management 

Industry: Movie and Entertainment


Scope of work: Public Relations, B2C, Original Instagram Animation  

Industry: Food Additives & Vitamins


Being an active Editor-in-Chief I truly enjoyed working with Exclusive PR Solution on multiple projects that we had. We always shared similar ideas and approaches that lead to mutual success.

I can assure that Exclusive PR Solutions deliver attentive to details exceptional results in any projects they have.

Paul Trustfull, the Editor of Forbes



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